5 star ratingNick was so kind and easy to work with! He SAVED me over $1000!! Had a couple other companies come take a look and they all came to the same conclusion....The compressor died. I needed a whole new one.
However, Nick was the only one who called the maker of my compressor, found out it was under warranty still, dealt with the warranty company and got a new replaced for me!! I of course had to pay for the labor fees, but because the compressor was under warranty there was no cost for the part! Highly recommend Austin Air!

Lisa C. Avatar
Lisa C.

5 star ratingNick did a great job installing a new furnace and AC system at my house. He has a combination of integrity and excellent skills and cares about the quality of his work...not always easy to find this in a contractor. I would recommend Austen Air to anyone needing heating or air conditioning services.

Jean L. Avatar
Jean L.

5 star ratingNick and Chris were absolutely amazing! Polite, professional, and honest. Nick came on a short notice call, and was able to diagnose my heater issue. He gave me serval options and was honest and fair about each one. Service/people like Nick and Chris are hard to come by. I trust them 100%! Do not go anywhere else, Austin Air is where you should put your trust in! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Peter B. Avatar
Peter B.

5 star ratingNick is so honest and does a meticulous and professional job! We couldn't be any happier with our install of a new air conditioner.

Lisa B. Avatar
Lisa B.

5 star ratingOutstanding Service from Austin Air!!!

Nick and his crew (Chris) just upgraded our 15 year old Carrier A/C with a new 5-ton York highest efficiency two stage system and matching indoor coil with txv and a new ColorTouch Thermostat.

Nick and crew were prompt, friendly, knowledgeable, and they worked incredibly hard in our hot attic to remove our old equipment and install the new.

Everything Nick promised in the estimate was completed, on time, and our central air (heating and cooling) is working beautifully. Nick is honest, knowledgeable and a reliable Heating and AC professional and addressed all my concerns during the install. I would Highly recommend you call Austin Air first if your looking for that cost effective and reliable solution!

John S. Avatar
John S.

5 star ratingNick and his crew (Chris, Joshua) worked beneath our house for several days, removing hideous old rat-chewed soft heating ducts, then measuring and installing a whole new system of insulated metal ducts. These were hung properly so they wouldn't touch the soil in the crawl space, and Nick also placed screens in all the returns and registers at our request.

Nick and crew were prompt, friendly, and knowledgeable, and they worked incredibly hard.

Everything Nick promised in the estimate was completed, on time, and our heating system works beautifully. Here you have a solid, honest, and reliable heating and AC professional. Highly recommended!

Jerry D. Avatar
Jerry D.

5 star ratingNick is awesome!!! I am an electrical contractor and deal with a lot of trades. I was on a job walk and was introduced to nick and we started chatting about scheduling programs and I felt like this guy was a stand up honest A/C guy. My buddy was selling his house and he now lives out of the area so I was helping him out with his electrical inspection and happened to be there when the first A/C guy was looking at the FAU. I'm no dummy and when he was telling me all the stuff that needed to be done I was thinking this guy is trying to take advantage of my friend for over 9,000.00 dollars. So I called my friend and asked if I could call Nick and have him look at it and he said I trust you. So nick meet me at his house and checked the system and all it needed was a new transformer. So it was a 250.00 dollar job. I will always refer him to my customers hands down for honesty, integrity, and communication. Thanks Nick

John R. Avatar
John R.

5 star ratingI've had the pleasure to work with Nick several times now. The first time was when I lived in Camarillo and was having issues with my A/C unit. He fixed it up in no time and told me how to keep it up and running. The secvond time was when I worked for a large day care facility and the A/C there just went out. He was there in a few hours and fixed the problem as well as offered the manager some helpful advice about why this problem was happening in the first place. Even though the units needed replacing, he didn't pressure her AT ALL. That's his style. He just tells it like it is and lets you decide. When I bought my house 2 years ago, the furnace was spewing bad stuff. He came out and gave me a really good price that included new ducting. He was done in no time and my new furnace works great! After a really hot year I decided to get A/C and he gave me a great deal that included a smart thermostat. Now I'm ready for the summer. The installation is beautiful and the unit looks like it's meant to be there. I recommend him to all my friends and hope you use him, too!

Natalie C. Avatar
Natalie C.

5 star ratingBottom line is, call these guys first. Nick is professional, knowledgeable practical and customer oriented. He even fixed a vent in my office at no additional cost after I explained the problem I was having. He will not try and up charge you or talk you into something you don't need because he has integrity, is honest and cares. My ac went out today. So I called a few AC companies and was hung up on and laughed at by another. Why waste your energy on other guys who treat you this way, especially when it's 100 degrees out?

Vince A. Avatar
Vince A.

5 star ratingI just want to say what a wonderful person Nick is. Austin Air is superior.
Our control panel for our air conditioner wasn't working. And our house got really hot. I called Nick, and asked if he could come out to look at the problem. Despite him being completely booked, he came out, and fixed the problem. A transformer was blown and melted. He fixed it, despite the high temperatures in the attic. I highly recommend Austin Air to anyone who needs an air conditioner or heating unit. The prices are very reasonable. And you'll get excellent service. Thank you Nick.

Cindy K. Avatar
Cindy K.

5 star ratingIt was hot.. just "what the heck Ventura" hot.. over 88 in the house..
So I walked outside and found Nick was installing a new AC for my neighbor. Being a good plus a nosey neighbor, I greeted then invited myself in (to try her new AC of course).
Omaigosh. It was heaven in there.. 65 solid..
So, I asked Nick if he can stop by to give a quote. He walked to my home and quoted such a good price I can't say no. I got a new furnace plus AC in less than a week!
On top of that, he fixed many faulty wiring and duct.
Nick, you are awesome!

Anne V. Avatar
Anne V.

5 star ratingDescription of work:
No Power to my HVAC after installing a new thermostat on my own.

Excellent!!!! Before Nick even showed up he spent 15 minutes on the phone with me to see if he could fix it remotely without charging me????? I couldn't believe it, a truly honest, honest person. He ended up coming by and repairing it for me quickly, efficiently and reasonably priced. I'll only go to Austin Air from now on for all my HVAC needs, I've been through the mill through the years but finding Nick was truly a stroke of luck. Can' t recommend him enough, Great!

This is the first review i've ever left on Yelp or anywhere else but I felt it's important to support truly honest people in an industry where that is not always the case. Couldn't be more pleased with Nick and Austin Air.

Spencer Q. Avatar
Spencer Q.